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builders of the
Sea Pearl 21 and
Sea Pearl 21 Trimaran

Marine Concepts is the builder of the Sea Pearl line of quality shoal draft beach cruisers!

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If you want to try out a Sea Pearl, contact us. We have boats available both locally (Tampa Bay area) and a list of willing owners around the United States.

Marine Concepts is the birthplace of the Sea Pearl 21 and the Sea Pearl Trimaran!

These boats are fast, fun, versatile, can be sailed in 8 inches of water or take an offshore swell. They can be beached, used for camping, and are really fast.

Sea Pearls make excellent family/picnic/outing cruisers. They are dry, stable, commodious, and versatile. They are simple to rig, launch, sail and recover. One person can do it all.

And did we mention that they are really fast?photo

How can a boat of this size and quality cost only $16,000 base price? The short answer is that we sell factory-direct, FOB Tarpon Springs, Florida. If we had to support dealerships, as do some boat builders, the price would be more than $19,000 for a base boat. We forego dealers in order to keep the boat as affordable as possible for everyone. Compare our boat size and quality to some other base prices: Norseboat 17 ($18,995), the Norseboat 21.5 (open model) $29,995, or the West Wight Potter 19 ($19,950). The Sea Pearl 21 remains a quality boat at an affordable price.

Our boats are hand-built to order, so you get exactly what you ask for. We use top-grade workmanship and materials. There is a wide variety of accessories you can add to your boat to meet your personal needs.

We also refurbish or upgrade older Sea Pearls, sell parts and accessories and have an active brokerage specializing in shallow-draft sailing craft of all types.

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