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builders of the
Sea Pearl 21 and
Sea Pearl 21 Trimaran

The Sea Pearl 21 Trimaran Family

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Our trimaran options:

We have two, the Sea Pearl Tri and the Sea Pearl Tri-Sport. In each, the center hull is a basic monohull Sea Pearl hull. Akas (connecting arms) and amas (the outrigger hulls) have been added, and the connection to the center hull heavily braced for the added stresses.

The Sea Pearl Tri meets the needs of sailors who want a Sea Pearl but also want the added stability of a trimaran. The Sea Pearl Tri also offers a larger center cockpit for socializing or camping.
Sailaway price:

Sea Pearl Tri. Note curved akas (connect center hull to amas) that fold forward on hinges to swing in under the side-decks. Main hull also has larger center cockpit.

The Sea Pearl Tri-Sport offers a trimaran version of the monohull, but at a lower price than the Sea Pearl Tri. The ama/aka arrangement is less versatile and the center cockpit is the same as in the monohull version.
Sailaway price:
$21, 600

Marine Concepts can RETROFIT any monohull to either kind of trimaran. Call us for details.

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Click here to see the added features of the Sea Pearl Tri

Click here to see the added features of the Sea Pearl Tri-Sport:

Sea Pearl Tri-Sport. Straight-pipe akas telescope in and out and there are no side-decks. Center cockpit is standard for monohulls. Can be built this way from scratch or (like this one) converted from a monohull Sea Pearl.






Added features of the Sea Pearl Tri:

  • 14' beam (with amas extended) gives ultimate stability. Yet folds in to 8' for trailering and storing.
  • Weight is about 1500 pounds.
  • The Folding Amas (outer hulls) fold inward under the wing decks for trailering. However, you may also fold them in on the water when entering a crowded harbor for better maneuverability. This is a one hand operation. No pins, latches or other gear are used to secure the amas in place.
  • Larger forward cockpit and correspondingly larger forward bimini and tent-cabin.
  • The wing decks are great for the deck loungers and sunbathing, and provide fabulous seating when several people are aboard. But they are also a great help in rigging the boat as they provide a smooth flat platform to walk the masts to standing position. And, as a built-in bonus they knock down 90% of the spray from the windward ama, which makes the Sea Pearl TRI-21 a very dry trimaran.
  • Optional side-mount for the outboard is available.
  • Generally uses the larger vertical-battened sails and can carry full sail longer before needing to reef.


Added features of the Sea Pearl Tri-Sport:

Same as the Sea Pearl Tri with the following differences:

  • Weight is about 1000 pounds
  • No wing decks.
  • Akas are telescoping poles. Pull the amas straight out from the main hull. Easiest if done before launching.
  • Center cockpit is same as monohull model.


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